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Score Makeup Deals Right From the Source

Ladies, how many times have you bought a new shade of lipstick only to have it collect dust in your cosmetic drawer? Sure, bright red pouts are the trend du jour, but it’s impulse buys like these that end up costing you big in the long run. The good thing is that plenty of major cosmetics companies offer free samples and product coupons—you just have to sign up and ask. So the next time you think blue eyeliner is on its way back, why not give it a test run before you spend your hard earned money? Here are just a few that offer great savings and samples.

L’Oreal: Go to the “My L’Oreal” section of the Web site, and create a user profile. It takes just seconds to register, and you’ll have instant access to product specials and coupons. Plus, you can pick up a few makeup tips.

bareMinerals: Join this club and you’ll get over 15 percent in savings on the essentials, as well as free product samples with every order. Plus, club members will receive exclusive offers that are not advertised or available to the general public.

Maybelline: Once you’re on the site, select the newsletter tab. Enter the required info, and Maybelline will keep you up to date on new products and special promotions, as well as special events taking place in your area.

Department Stores: This might just be the best kept beauty secret! Many department beauty counters carry free samples, and are happy to share them if you just ask. It’s a great way for brands to introduce you to their product and acquire lifelong customers. Another great incentive commonly offered at department stores is a free makeup bag full of product samples with purchase. Inquire at your local store to see when specials like that are taking place, and what the purchase requirements are. It’s a great way to discover new products when buying your tried and true ones.